Our service technicians have of ten reported that many of our customers issues always came back to improper set up or
worn components and the operator, or some maintenance personal where not aware that a tiny bit of movement in a certain
part can result in a lot of damaged or high bottles. B&B Equipment is proud of our expertise and knowledge in packer set up and operation.

We offer on site training of not just our equipment but many of our competitors equipment. We teach the fundamentals of drop packaging and the purpose of all the sensors and settings. We also do a audit of your machine at the time of training
informing you of worn components or if something is missing. We always enforce the idea that a extra few minutes in set up
well save, possible hours during the course of the day fixing jams or picking up bottles from a mispack.

So if your automatic packer needs constant operator tending, chances are, “It’s not set up properly” or “Worn components”.

Call us for a quote and availability for your next training session and packer audit.