Finger Info

B&B Grid Finger System

  • Modular construction
  • Fully adjustable master grid frames.
  • Basket cells and fingers are designed and sized to each product and case.
  • Quick change (no tools) riding strips and baskets.
  • Virtually unbreakable – long life fingers for ideal product protection.

Exclusive B&B equipment patented and holder arrangement.

Typical cell

Ideal container & label protection by providing custom sized fingers. Fingers move to cell corners due to allowable movement designed in to “V” shaped finger system.

True Corner Finger

Each finger moves ideally into every cell corners.

No Grid Finger System Is Perfect!

Especially when same the fingers are used for every requirement as our competitors seem to think.

B&B Equipment Supplies The Only Unbreakable, long life, Flexable, easy-to-install, custom sized to your every container.