B&B Dual Motion

Servo-control divider

  • A simple, accurate, high speed divider, non-round, rigid or compressible bottles
  • Available in 1 or 2 lanes in, up to 8 lanes out.

Easy Menu-Driven Programmable Controls

Teach & Learn programmable lane positioning, accurate to within several thousands of an inch!

Intake and discharge lane pivot in opposite directions though common racks & pinion/servo driven system to achieve fast and accurate positioning.

  • 24 volt DC components
  • Simple menu-driven programming interface.
  • Universal bottle stop mechanism (no changes parts required)
  • Low torque movement eliminating product damage
  • Photo eye-low level, counting and shift gap clear safety.

Universal Stop Mechanism

General and gradual, yet fast. No force yet applied so minimal to no drag on bottles.