B&B Equipment,  a 35 year family-owned business, is proud to be a leader of innovation and technology in the bottle packaging industry. Be it a filled product or empty, glass or plastic, B&B offers the best and finest in product protection, case targeting, product change over ease, machine maintenance and operation simplicity. We have over 60 combined years of packaging and material handling experience behind us.

We remain one of the few, if not the only, companies to offer complete rebuilds and upgrades of case packers. We are also one of the only companies to offer “trade in” value (competitions packers included) on some case packer models.

We also feel our basket targeting system is so unique that we offer conversions for our competitors’ grid systems offering everyone and anyone the B&B advantage. If it’s an orange finger it has been B&B upgraded. We will not mention names here but, some of our competitors even offer B&B basket components with their grid systems.

B&B offers 3 different grades of modular case packer options in 2 case packer series. The LP (low profile) series has a 32” fixed table/riding strip dimension, allowing a minimum case table height of 10” off the floor. The Hustler series has an adjustable height case feed, allowing a minimum case table height of 21” off the floor.
The 3 grades of packer are:

B&B’s simple push-button style operation panels are easy to use and do not require any type of programming knowledge for the operator. The programming (from authorized personnel) is accessible through a USB/Ethernet card combined with the latest AB slick 500 series processor.
This prevents the possibility of making unwanted changes as can happen with expensive fancy touch screen systems.

B&B also has one of the only case packaging systems to offer modular packaging heads. If you drop pack glass bottles then need to use a neck ring head with your pet bottles – we have the easy change over system available that requires only one person and does not involve changing the whole head.

B&B holds a number of patents and continues to develop new ideas and options for the packaging industry and upgrades for our competitors’ equipment, allowing others to take advantage of B&B’s unique system.