About B&B Equipment

Bankowski and Boys becomes B&B Equipment, LLC in 1979

b&b equipment

We are pleased to tell you a little bit about our family company.  B&B Equipment was founded by Stanley J. Bankowski in 1979 as a legacy to his family. He chose the name B&B to represent “Bankowski and Boys”.

Stan moved his family to Portland, CT after serving in the Korean War. After working for Standard Knapp for 25 years he decided to use his expertise in the packaging equipment industry and build a family legacy he could pass on to future generations. B&B Equipment prospered in Middletown, CT for many years waiting for an opportunity to relocate to their hometown of Portland. Finally in 2002,  the 80 Lower Main Street building became available. The Bankowski family were finally able to bring their business “home” and contribute to the community they loved so much. The Bankowski family are respected and active members of the community and integral members of St. Mary’s Church.

Stan passed away in 2008 leaving B&B Equipment to his boys. It has been an ongoing challenge to survive in a world where small, family owned businesses are closing one after the other but we believe in our products and services and carry on the level of quality Stan demanded.

There’s a new generation of Bankowski Boys now and we look forward to passing the torch to them, God willing.

This is for you Dad…. We miss you.

Success does not happen overnight. It is the result of commitment, endurance and hard work.

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